Greatest Massachusetts MMA Fraud of all time
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Welcome to Greatest Massachusetts MMA Fraud of all time
In 2004 Warren Mayone had experienced what some other past fighters had suffered. When Mr Mayone got into the ring to fight Bobdy Diaz he had no idea that Referee Kevin McDonald would break the fight laws And
   hand an undeserved win to his opponent Bobdy Diaz. Since then  Referee McDonald and Bobdy Diaz have been publicly humiliated for their wrong doing! And the Massachusetts Athletic Commission has been cited
                                          for allowing this fight and similar fights to be wrongfully handled.
Fugitive Dave Roy "MMAGUY30" of Amherst, Massachusetts, Still refuses to turn himself over to NYS Police
Google: The Real Greatest MMA Fraud of all time
Google: The Real Greatest MMA Fraud of all time
 Taken from the Mixed Martial Arts Forum,
the Criminal Acts that resulted in
Legal charges against Dave Roy:
1. Dave Roy aka MMAGUY30 confessed to creating a phony
 Giant Lee Myspace Account to defraud Warren Mayone. p 41
2. Dave Roy aka MMAGUY30 posted Warren Mayone's
 home address and telephone numbers, 
and told all of the people on his forum
 to contact and harrass Warren Mayone. p 47
3. Dave Roy aka MMAGUY30 confesses to posting 
the items that were stolen from Warren Mayone's
Email account. p 48
4. Dave Roy aka MMAGUY30 confesses that he created a phony Relson Gracie FaceBook Account with intentions
 to defraud and intentionally hurt people. p 49 
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